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Contemporary art exhibition
Amanat NAZARKUL / Kazakhstan
Vladimir GVOZDEV (SHEGE) / Kazakhstan
Natalya KRIVETS / France
Paintings, Graphics, Tuskiiz.

I think that everyone on this planet, at least once in his life has seen the sun rise. Has watched the new day being born and felt with every cell of his/her body the rays that had traveled millions of years to touch our skin.

Nothing in life repeats itself. Every day is new, every moment is a new feeling and a new space.

Today is a new day, a new month, and a new year. A new exhibition as well. And the name of it is "THE NEW DAY".


A child was born. 

Ripping apart the mother’s body from within. 

Pain took all over her. 

Suddenly the whole world stopped and kneeled before the woman. 

Someone is born. 

Helpless and weak. 

A child that needs to be protected from hardships be readied to face off everything that awaits him in this life.  

 Tears of pain, relief and happiness have mixed together 

And turned into a sip of fresh water. 

Thin arms hugged a little body and became armor. 

The shawl dropped from the woman’s unruly hair and became the first blanket... the first defense of a newborn child. 


«ETISEN," people say hello to each other, but more often there is a question-greeting "HOW FAR?».

"How are you?", "Where are you from?" and «Who are you?" - this phrase has many meanings. By responding to such a greeting, a person opens himself.

"Salemetsiz be" we say to each other in Kazakhstan. And then we ask "KIM BOLASYZ? " (Who are you? Where are you from?)

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European school
Paintings, tapestries, home decorations and decorative arts

39 paintings from the collection of the BON ART international auction house and 43 unique  exhibits 
from the collection of Saule Kobzhanova are presented in a new project of FORTE KULANSHI ART SPACE gallery. 

«IN VIVO: human diversity»
Paintings, sculptures, graphics, bio-art, installations

Who is a human? What is their essence? Where does our diversity manifest itself?

In our bio-art exhibition "In Vivo: Human Diversity," we tried to find answers to these questions
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В нашем проекте «Исследование пространства» вы представляем двух художников.

Они отличаются друг от друга ВСЕМ.

«Про любовь. Лейла» – так назвала свою очередную персональную выставку Лейла Махат. События последних лет – времени, полного тревог, потерь и нестабильности, приводят к убеждению, что именно любовь и только любовь способна возродить к жизни и наполнить сердца верой, надеждой, созиданием.

ABOUT LOVE.LEYLA exhibition poster .jpeg

Посетите также наше выставочное пространство, расположенное на 6-м этаже Дворца Мира и Согласия

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